R&D Project Proposal Form


This Proposal template is required by KFAS to assess the project objectives, work plan, risks, and benefits to the company. The main focus of the proposal document is to understand the justification of the project, the methodology used, and expected outputs.
Advice and assistance to complete this report is available to you from:
Tel: 22278100 ext: 1882


• This proposal is to be completed by the knowledge provider, submitted to the company, and returned by the company to KFAS signed by a member of the company’s upper management.
• This proposal contains pre-determined fields / boxes for entering information.
• It is preferable that the information provided is kept concise:
  o Use bullet points where possible
  o Do not include extra material unless absolutely necessary


• The proposal will be reviewed by the relevant authority within fourteen business days.
• If the information specifically requested within the proposal is not submitted a re-submission will be requested.