Application Form
Practical Solutions


KFAS mission is to stimulate and encourage progress and advancement of science, technology, and innovation for the benefit of society, research, and enterprises in Kuwait. As part of its efforts to contribute to the development of the private sector, the development of practical solutions focuses on supporting solutions that have the potential for mass adoption within at least 5 companies in Kuwait. Applicants can be a single entity, or a consortium of local and international entities committed to implementing the solution and projected to have productivity improvements arising from the efforts. The consortia projects must be carried out in Kuwait and KFAS will contract with a single local entity (the lead entity within the consortium).

Private sector companies, Academic and Research Institutes, and NGO’s registered and licensed to operate in Kuwait are eligible for this program (priority goes to shareholding companies contributing to KFAS).

Project General Requirements
The project must address a business need with a solution related to science, technology or innovation and have clear deliverables. The project must provide clear benefits to potential adopters such as enhanced processes, improved output, efficiency enhancements, cost savings, reduced wastage and/or reduced usage of resources such as manpower. The proposed solutions should be market-ready with room for customization where necessary, and widely deployable across companies. The applicant should provide proof of capabilities for mass deployment, and scalability.

Ineligible Activities: KFAS grant funds may not be used to cover the costs of: construction and extensions of physical buildings, furniture and office supply; manpower costs; training and mentoring; design and production of advertising material and branding (marketing activities, website development, mobile applications development, etc.). KFAS grant funds cannot be used to generate profit. It is only intended to cover the cost of the demonstration project. Revenue generated from project should somehow be used in not for profit activities.

How to Apply
Submit the relevant information and supporting documents detailed in this template electronically through KFAS online portal.

Supporting Documents
All applications must be submitted along with the following:
1. Copies of license to operate from Ministry of Commerce & Industry, certificate of authorized signatories, support letters, quotations, or contracts (if any) to support your application.
2. Acknowledgement that the results of the project (data/findings) can be shared with the public (Success Story).
3. Background information on the project team including similar projects previously executed and resumes where relevant.

Project Duration
The normal duration of a project will be up to a maximum of 6 months. Longer projects are occasionally considered but only in exceptional circumstances

What to expect after applying
1. Submitting this application does not commit KFAS to funding the proposed practical solution.
2. The application will undergo thorough analysis and evaluation processes according to KFAS policies and procedures which many include external review by technical experts. The applicant will then be notified through an official correspondence from a KFAS representative on the final outcome of the evaluation process.

Co-Funding Grant Amount
KFAS grant amount for co-funding is determined based on internal policies and procedures, budget constraints, and operational costs excluding manpower costs.

Fund Recipient and Third Party
KFAS disburses grant funds directly to the awarded applicant. Should the awarded applicant choose to employ the services of a Knowledge Provider (such as a research institution or individual researcher) the awarded applicant is responsible to directly enter into agreement and manage the relationship with the third party.

1. Payments are made directly to the applicant requesting the support.
2. Grant moneys shall be applied only in the manner and for the purposes approved.
3. Grant moneys may be withheld for noncompliance with the grant terms and conditions.
4. On termination of a grant contract all unexpended grant moneys, which have not been committed, shall be refunded to KFAS.
5. No additional funding for cost overruns will be considered.
6. The applicant may not deviate from the approved projects costing without the explicit approval of KFAS.

Terms & Conditions
1. Grant approvals may be withdrawn for projects not commenced within 1 month of notification of approval.
2. KFAS must be informed, in a timely manner, of any problems that will delay the project by more than 4-6 weeks.
3. KFAS reserve the right to terminate a grant at any time, subject to reasonable notice and the payment of such final instalment as may be necessary to cover outstanding and unavoidable commitments.
4. KFAS will undertake no responsibility, financial or otherwise, for liability arising out of the project.
5. KFAS reserves the right to change these conditions from time to time, as it considers appropriate.
6. KFAS funds should be used exclusively for the proposed project.
7. KFAS branding guidelines should be observed for the use of KFAS logo and KFAS clearance should be obtained on the content of any press releases related to the project. KFAS logo should not be used for marketing of any products and services.
8. Beneficiaries of the grant forfeit the right to claim the remaining of the approved amount after 90 days from the completion of the project.